3 important User Experience (UX) points to focus on today.

Elizabeth Tellmann / 2020-12-04

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When having a website, you are faced with the importance of User Experience(UX). We have simplified what we think are the top 3 points to consider when planning, designing and developing your site.

Research shows that websites that take more than 3 seconds to load lose more than 40% of their visitors. In this day and age, people are used to highly performant user experiences and have very high standards when it comes to waiting for a page to load.

Speed is not the only factor. Let’s assume your website loads very fast, but the user gets frustrated because they can’t seem to figure out how to navigate it, where the menus are and how to find the content/product they need. The visitor will surely leave your site and find another one that is easier to navigate.

Now that your visitor has found what they are looking for, they are faced with problems of readability. Content that is difficult to understand and packed with keywords or phrases that doesn't truly convey the main point of your product or service will hinder the visitor to stay longer. Content should be clear and understandable.

Google has stressed the importance of user experience (UX) on more than one occasion, the ranking algorithm gives preference to websites that are fast, readable, and easy to navigate

Here’s a simple checklist you can use to see how good the User Experience on a site is:

  • Fast loading speed
  • Ease of navigation
  • Visually pleasing design
  • Layout doesn't take away from the content.
  • Minimum of pop-ups and annoying ads.

Better user experience prolongs the time a user spends engaging the website. Not only on desktop but on mobile as well. Research shows staggering growth in mobile searches and website browsing. Taking the time to invest in good UX will lay the foundation for more visitors and loyal customers.

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